Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What Do You Intend

What Do You Intend
© 2017 by P Michael Biggs

What do you intend
When you talk to a friend?
Do you commend,
Or defend?
Perhaps you offend
and then make amends?

What do you intend?
Will you tie up loose ends?
Will you pretend to comprehend?
Does it all depend
to what extent
you need to a mend?

Don’t condescend,
when talking to a friend,
be flexible and bend
for in the end
friendships pay dividends
and help the heart to amend.

That’s where best friends begin.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Want to be Certified

I Want to be Certified
© 2017 by P Michael Biggs

I want to be certified.
Bona fide,
And live on the Westside

I like Dignified
But not cockeyed.

I’ll avoid calcified,
Cast aside,
And horrified

And I’ll stay away from
And set aside.

I will sit ringside,
I like high tide,
I’ll sit inside
When it’s cold outside

But give me a big dose of
Come alongside,
Civic pride,
And verified

Christmas is coming …
Here comes yuletide.
Our world will be beautified
And intensified
With sweet pies
And sleigh rides
And kids who spy
With eyes wide

What a perfect place to abide.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Note

The Note
© 2017 by P Michael Biggs

The note came two days ago.
I opened it today.
Didn’t think much of it
before opening it.
Afterward … a wow moment.

It’s from one of my nurses
who is caring for me,
and she lives in Minneapolis.
It is full of
“I appreciate the opportunity”
“I just want to thank you”
“It’s an honor”
“I look forward to be a part
of your team.”

She gave me a gift …
a gift of esteem, attention,
care and professional friendship.
It was hand-written,
and heart-felt.

I know I surely felt it
in my heart!