Thursday, May 24, 2018

Small Days

Small Days
© 2018 by P Michael Biggs

We’ve all heard the saying,
“Tomorrow we’re going to
have a big day.”
Sometimes we may need
a small day.

You know that day.
It’s when you do 
not much of nothing.
You meander, you wander,
you stroll, you yawn,
you nap, you eat
what you want,
in small bites, of course.

Small days require
less planning.
We don’t have to
get ready too early,
unless we want to.

We go or don’t go
as we please.
And, most important,
I think …
We find amusement in the
simplest sights and sounds.

Yes indeed.
I like small days.

Originals by P Michael Biggs

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Little Eyes

Little Eyes
© 2018 by P Michael Biggs

Little eyes are watching.
They watch you and me
as we do life
That’s how they learn.

And then they grow up.
They have our imprint,
our mark on them.

Today, God …
Let me make
some good marks
that will endure.

Let me be the
Grandfather of the future
for good in someone.
Originals by P Michael Biggs

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


© 2018 by P Michael Biggs

I’m headed to the doctor.
For most of my life,
I’ve feared doctors.
They like to stick you,
or so I thought.

I’ve gone to seem them
many times, and have not
been pricked, or poked.

I’m learning to trust
my doctor.
He/She has only my
best health in mind.

They are partners
in the pursuit of good.
They have studied,
know a lot,
and try to help.
I like doctors.

Doctors are human beings,
like me, with a specialty.
They eat, pay bills,
buy groceries,
tie their shoes,
just like me.

We need good medical professionals.
Do you have a good doctor?