Thursday, February 22, 2018

We Just Begin

We Just Begin

Behold the great Pyramids of Egypt.
One fine day someone made a start,
and look at what we have today.

And so, goes life and art,
music and enterprises,
and great romances.
We just begin.

We stretch out our hands,
our hearts in faith and say,
“This may work.”
We begin.

Yes, we change along the way;
we morph, we grow, we create,
we scratch what we’ve created,
and we keep trying.

I say, let us begin whatever rising idea
is bursting from within.
I say, bring it forth,
for we will never know what we need
if you don’t show us what you can do

Monday, February 12, 2018

Loving You Is Easy

Loving You Is Easy

Loving you is easy.
     We understand each other, I think.
We share so many likes,
          so many moments of doing nothing
             except beingtogether;
                    moments of calm, of music, of conversation, and movies.

We walk, we talk, we laugh,
we stop and smell the roses on Sunset.
                                We seek the little
                                hide-a-way breakfast places.
                                     We rate their coffee, we remember their food,
                                      all while fanning the flame of love.

Ill reach out and take your hand,
   Sometimes for warmth,
      mostly for connection.

         And when we fall silent, Its simply because
words are not needed in those moments,

because loving you is so easy

 An original poem by P Michael Biggs