Saturday, October 20, 2018

Looking for the Ideal Moment

Looking for the Ideal Moment
© 2018 by P Michael Biggs

Some people spend their entire lives
looking for the ideal moment.
I’ve heard them say …
It’s too cold. Another day perhaps.
It’s too hot. Let’s wait for cooler weather.

Interest rates are too high to buy.
Interest rates are too low to invest.
She’s pretty enough, I guess.
Wonder what she’ll look like
next year?

And they wait … and wait.

Some people wait for the ideal moment,
and then never get going.
There’s always something,
some reason to delay
getting in the game.

And they wait … and wait.

Know what I’ve learned?
There comes a time when
we have to make our ideal moment.
My feelings rarely have anything to do with
the ideal moment.

Perhaps … perhaps we take the
less-than-sterling opportunity
and turn it into an ideal moment.

Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Originals by P Michael Biggs

Saturday, October 13, 2018


© 2018 by P Michael Biggs

"I appreciate you."
Three simple words,
easy to say,
so needed today.

They are a symphony to our heart,
a healing salve to our wounds and woes.
They inflate depleted lives,
these words are, as Bette sings,
‘the wind beneath our wings’.

We appreciate the large moments of life.
We should do the same with the small gestures ...

A cup of coffee on a cold morning,
an assuring hand in a worrisome moment,
a note received in the mail,
a phone call at a critical juncture.

When we say
“I appreciate you,”
it is a significant moment.
It is a gentle breeze 
blowing in our hair,
a moment of grace.

For one flickering breath,
someone recognized us.
They said ... 
“I see you.
I like what you did.”

I like appreciation.

Originals by P Michael Biggs

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


© 2018 by P Michael Biggs

I like to encourage.
I use my thoughts
to string words together
to encourage someone.

I could say, for instance,
You’re clumsy,
and that would dis you
instead of Encourage you.

I could say, Your fat.
Now that is a downer
if there ever was one.

Instead, I want to encourage.
I want to find something to say
that elevates you,
promotes the better parts of you,
and causes a spring in your step,
a smile to bounce forth,
and a heart that leaps
simply because I found the keys
to your soul.

I hold the highest regard,
the highest trust
in those I meet.

I seek to say or write
one thought that may
do the job of encouragement.

And if I do,
I’ve fulfilled my life mission.
I am being true to my nature.

You see, when I encourage
I get encouraged to0.

Originals by P Michael Biggs